Children’s Dentistry

“Providing Good Oral Health for Life”

Children's Dentistry RingwoodOral health requirements change throughout every stage of life.  At East Ringwood Dental Clinic our highly qualified family dentists understand and support the individual needs of each member of your family.  With a passion for children’s dental care and a holistic approach, East Ringwood Dental Clinic prides itself of its genuine interest in helping your children establish good oral habits for life.

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The Child Dental Benefits Schedule

Dental Benefits and Dental Services for Children

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule - Kids Dental Care - RingwoodEstablishing good dental health is important from a young age, hence our children’s dentists at East Ringwood Dental Clinic specialise in dental care for young teeth.  To assist families with providing dental care to their children, eligible dental clients can access government dental benefits via the Child Dental Benefits Schedule.

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) provides families with dental benefits to provide their children with basic dental services.


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