Dental Crowns, Bridges and Implants

Are your teeth damaged?  Do you have missing teeth?

Severely damaged teeth and missing teeth can significantly affect overall oral health and function, as well as negatively impact the appearance of your smile.  To ensure and maintain your natural bite and chewing ability, as well as to prevent damage to surrounding teeth and alleviate surrounding teeth drifting out of place, getting the appropriate restorative dental treatment is vital.  Damaged teeth as well as missing teeth need to be treated and/or replaced with dental crown, bridge and/or dental implant.

Dental Crowns, Bridges and Implants RingwoodEnjoy the freedom to chew and laugh heartily with the expert help from your trusted family dentist

So when do you require a dental crown, dental bridge or dental implant?

Dental Crown

A dental crown is in essence a protective cap snuggly placed over the damaged tooth (covering the entire tooth to just below the gum line) to ensure the viability of the remaining tooth structure, by strengthening and protecting the tooth from further damage.  Dental crown is the suitable dental solution to treat damaged teeth with large cracks, large cavities, significant amounts of dental filling and worn fillings.  It is also used after root canal treatment and to address tooth sensitivity resulting from cracks in the tooth.

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Dental Bridge

A dental bridge as the name states bridges any gaps between teeth including gaps resulting from missing teeth, by capping the teeth on either side of the gap with dental crowns and featuring artificial tooth/teeth in between to fill the gap or replace the missing tooth/teeth.  A dental bridge is the restorative dental solution for addressing single or multiple tooth loss.  It is the recommended dental treatment, especially when the teeth on either side of the gap are damaged requiring dental crowns.

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Dental Implant

A dental implant is an artificially implanted tooth or teeth.  It requires the surgical insertion of titanium post(s), which acts as the root of the artificial tooth/teeth.  The artificial tooth/teeth is then attached on top.  Dental implants can support a single artificial tooth, multiple teeth and even secure full dentures in place.  Of all restorative dental treatments, dental implant most closely mimics the feel, form and function of natural teeth.

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Restore the functionality of healthy teeth and achieve a beautiful smile with our tailored restorative dental solutions.

At East Ringwood Dental Clinic, we offer highly effective restorative dental treatments to restore the appearance of beautiful teeth, as well as restore the functional performance of healthy teeth.

Our gentle dentists expertly tailor restorative dental treatments to ensure optimal oral function and the perfect smile for each individual, carefully selecting material and colour of the dental crown, dental bridge or dental implant material to beautifully match your natural tooth enamel.

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